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Which one should I choose, that is the question? This can be so frustrating and just like anything else in the world, there is so much competition and so many brands until you can become perplexed. Are there any portable wifi devices that work anywhere? Should you make individual purchases?

You’ve read about SIM cards, using your own personal cell phone and all that’s involved with getting it ready for each country you visit. What if I’m a world renown traveler? I’d like to make a one time smart decision and be finished. Is there a device that will suit all my travel needs and take away the stress of shopping around to get the best device.

Introducing The TP-Link M7650 Device Mobile  Wi-Fi

There is an amazing device that is super TP-Link M7650 Mobile Hotspot. This device is an upgrade to the original and it is reported as being a top performer.  Because of  the new changes, it’s reported to be one of the top of the line portable wifi devices that work anywhere.

What’s So Special About This One

The actual product is described as follows! M7650, 600 Mbit/s, EDGE,GPRS,GSM,HSPA,HSPA+,LTE,UMTS, 900,2100 MHz, 850,900,1800,1900 MHz, 3.66 cm. The item weighs 9.2 ounces, and has 1 Lithium Polymer battery included in the package that usually comes fully charged out of the box.  The charge is said to last up to working 15 hours give or take. The unit has a 32 GB SD card as a mini-server, and the data rates are good.

You get to choose between a constant speed of 867 Mbps at 5GHz or 600Mbps at 2.4Ghz. This is what makes your family and friends so happy, the speed will take you by surprise. There is enough power to handle the 32 devices as mentioned above including desktop computers, smart tv’s and your games and more, without a hitch.

4g + M 7650

What’s The Connection Speed

You’ll enjoy a high performance network running at 4G+ connection speeds for everyone enabling you to keep a steady connection. This portable wifi device has a smooth, elegant and compact design that can be used for all types of travel and you can own it. The TP- Link M7650 is priced just right  considering everything that’s packed inside and it will literally fit in your pocket.

Prices differ, I’ve seen them range anywhere from $189 – $269. A lot of times, you can catch them on sale but waiting may not be the best thing to do if you really want this one. A couple of the companies that sell the device is sold out quite often so once you’ve made up your mind, don’t hesitate to finalize your purchase.

Other Highlights – Tell Me More

The device charges easily like I mentioned above, and will accommodate an integrated usb power supply. It comes unlocked which enables you to use it immediately with any SIM card inside. Streaming HD content while on the go with any of your devices won’t be a problem with this TP- Link M7650 mobile router. You’ll have 1 Micro SIM card slot, and 1 Micro SD slot installed and of course the power button. The display screen is 1.44 inches.

One company WorldSim boasts that when you purchase through them they’ll include a free Data SIM card offering low cost data which can be used in 188 countries. The battery is removable and lasts for hours and has an internal antenna. You can manage your device with web interface and TP MIFI App specifications for Android and iOS.


Quick RecapNew M7650 Box

The TP- Link M7650 Mobile Device:

~ Boasts super fast download speeds and the advanced (A)  model is even faster.
~ Uses the 3G/4G network while you’re on the go; just like being at home!
~ 500 MB of Data Usage
~ Up to 600Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds
~ It has the fastest connection – up to 600Mbps
~ Supports the 4G LTE network LTE-A Cat.11
~ Interface 1 micro USB port for power supply
~ 1 Micro SIM card slot and 1 Micro SD card slot

Other important details to consider: the device has an extended long battery life and it is powerful enough to accommodate 32 different devices. One thing I did not mention is that all the information will be displayed from a colored screen and the pin is said to use a UK pin.

I only mentioned one company as an example showing how many countries you can travel using the same SIM card. This company offers a free card that will allow you usage in 188 different places. There are many companies that will offer the same type of convenience. These cards will use data, but at a very low cost to you, either way you’ll definitely want to look into this because you will save in the long run cutting out the roaming charges.

Final Comments For Final Comments For The TP- Link M7650 Mobile Device: 

I’m still searching for portable wifi devices that work everywhere and although this is a really good deal if you travel a lot and want to purchase your mobile router. We will definitely continue to add more and more information to this website. This is only a review in the form of detailed information about one device in particular. I will be commenting on other devices quite often with the desire to provide you with what you need to make an educated decision. Hope you enjoyed the article and please feel free to leave comments.



10 thoughts on “Portable Wifi Devices That Work Anywhere – TP-Link M7650”

  1. Hello there! I used to want to get my own portable wifi but then nowadays there has been a lot of places that provide really good wifi. Currently I do feel tied and not able to travel as much as I want due to COVID and just school. But when thing start to calm down, I will probably want to travel a lot more and in the process need portable, reliable internet. When that time comes, I will definitely look into this model. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mike, I am in total agreement with you as to having great wifi, and as long as COVID is around traveling is rather slow. It will open back up however, and as you stated, when we travel a lot more, we’ll need portable, reliable internet. This model appears to be a big success, happy future traveling and thanks for leaving a comment!


  2. Fascinating information, I don’t travel much, but I find that it is also a perfect solution for home use, because I don’t want the usual router coverage between the floors of my house. Sometimes in the summer garden, I would like to sit on the outdoor terrace and go online. In that case, I think it would be a good idea.

    1. Awesome Lea, there are so many reasons that one could find to use this device.  I love the comment and the idea of just being around the house and even working outside to get that great wifi connection. Thanks for chiming in and leaving a comment!

  3. Thanks for the article. This mobile device seems to be pretty good. I noted that it works on 3G/4G networks. With all the hype surrounding the rollout of 5G, will the Link M7650 Mobile Device work on the 5G network? If not, do you know if the manufacturer of this device offers a 5G-capable device?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! This is one of the better devices for now and is a great one and has support for even fast LTE 4G+. It does not appear to be a compatible device for 5G networks but more and more of the new products are becoming available at a rapid pace to keep up with the new technology.  Super question and thanks again.

  4. This is an excellent devise.  And you certainly do it justice with your comprehensive review.

    It sounds to me that if you have one of these that there would be no need for any other WiFi connection in the house and that you would use this at home and when away.

    I assume that it works off the SIM and therefore the cost to run it will be determined by the SIM deal you have.  With the power of this, you would need to have unlimited data on your SIM or with those speeds you won’t be long in using it all.

    1. Hi Geoff, you are absolutely right! This device can be used everywhere even at home, and the SIM card plans are very attractive.  Thanks for leaving a review.

  5. This is a very cool and useful device to have. I’m a little confused about it. I understand that the TP-Link M7650 is a WiFi device that can connect your mobile devices and laptop almost anywhere. But how does it actually work? I had to go to Amazon to see more info about it and read the reviews. Do you have to purchased a mobile plan to use this device or does it come with an active connection on its own? I saw the part where you say that it will use data, but at very low cost. I’m thinking that there will be a monthly plan. Please clarify.

    1. Hi John, sorry for the confusion! The device is a stand alone wireless modem that is pocket size and can be used anywhere. Yes, there are plans and SIM cards that you’ll need to operate it.  I list an example of the break down in this article, but it is just an example. The costs will depend on the provider you use of course.  Check this out for more details.  Hope this helps and thanks for the comment!


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