Pocket WiFi Rental In Japan – Be Prepared!

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Don’t get caught off guard, be prepared when you travel, especially abroad! Whether your travel is for pleasure or business, enjoy it more without the worry or stress that comes along with not being effectively connected.

There are different ways to secure a device. As with anything else, specific countries and zones will have its own preferred carriers and guidelines. Let’s take a look at pocket wifi rental in Japan because this country is often frequented by international travelers on vacation and for big business. Having a plan before you start your trip can put your mind at ease, and stop any unexpected disappointments.

Plan Trip

Make sure you rent an unlocked device and secure your data plan. Some companies allow you to pick up your device in country while others allow you to schedule your pickup when you land at your destination or it can be delivered to you at your hotel. Even better, depending on where you live, there are vendors that will allow delivery to your place of residence before you ever leave home.  You get to conveniently choose and have peace of mind.

Getting Started, First Things First

Take into consideration the type of service you’ll need when you secure your device online. Be prepared to provide your pick up and return dates and the type of plan you want.  Your options will be an unlimited data plan or a certain amount of gigabytes that you feel will carry you while in this country.

For this, see my article on “best portable wifi devices – what you should know,” as a guide. Be prepared to answer questions about the pick-up/return method, whether it’s at the airport or delivered to you. How do you plan to return your rental device.

Consider purchasing an insurance plan while in Japan to protect yourself if their is any damage to the device such as water damage, accidentally breaking it or even loss, and theft. As with a lot of different types of purchases,  some companies offer travel insurance bAXA Travel Insuranceundle plans that can include medical insurance.

If you find yourself in one of the above situations while on your trip, contact the Japanese Police Department or Public Institution to obtain what’s called a loss certificate.  Once you have this certificate in hand, take it to your device rental agency, and you’re covered.

Before you sign any contracts or accept this equipment, always ask your rental agent about anything else of importance and do pay attention to the fine print and cancellation policies, be prepared and informed!

Why Is Renting The Way To Go?

What comes to mind right away, is that you can save on outrageous roaming charges and get more bang for your buck. Even though you can get wifi anywhere using the worldwide SIM card an in country card is always great if you’re only visiting the one country. Renting your device in country can really simplify the process because you’ll get the right plan from a local vendor. The connection will be fit your needs and be reliable.  Most plans offer 4G LTE but anytime 4G is not available the connection will be on a 3G network with a great download and upload Mbps.

A huge pro to renting your pocket wifi is that you don’t have to be concerned with wifi cafe’s or insecure unstable connections. Also, since you’re on your private wifi, you don’t have to be concerned with locking or unlocking your phone. Your phone will have a SIM card and your own virtual phone number. Best of all, you get to share your connection with up to 10 devices or more depending on which device you select.sharing wifi with family

What Features Will My Device Have

With the pocket wifi device, you’ll stay in touch with those that matter the most – friends and family. Unlimited data is an option and because of the speed you won’t lag behind on your work. Skype, Email, Twitter and the social media outlets are at your disposal.

You can take tons of pictures and easily attach them to Facebook or send emails. Google maps is at your fingertips to help you navigate your way to the different tourist attractions and job locations. Use these devices as you would your cell phones and save your personal data and money in the long run.

Customers have given rave reviews when using the portable device in truly remote locations within the country. There have been times when a backup to their regular device was needed and these pocket wifi devices came to the rescue.

As a matter of fact, it has become the #1 go to plan for those that have previously used them during their travel. Batteries are reported to last for 7 – 10 hours on most models and again, you won’t lose speed with them.

Nothing is hidden, everything is up front, fees or roaming charges and the small print (if any) will be shown when you rent the device. This article deals with Japan, but pocket wifi is available in up to 200 different countries.

What Products Are Available For Rental

There are several units to choose from that I have researched and are at your disposal while in Japan. Just to name a few, The Teppy seems to have a great response from its customers; meeting all the features mentioned above and this one is also available for purchase, we’ll discuss that later. Other devices to name a few are the Ninja, Japan Wireless, CD Japan and WiFi Rental.Rent Wifi Device

This is just the beginning of highlighting some devices that assist you in getting around the country without the hassle of getting lost while staying connected. The reviews are very good!  We’ll go into more details as it becomes available, please check our website regularly for updates.


From the research that I’ve performed, renting your device is a super way to go while traveling. You’ll have a local data plan and local assistance if you encounter is a problem.

Although most devices can be purchased, rental seems better for those that take the occasional trip like once a year. For the fervent traveler however, purchasing your own device is worth looking into.

DISCLAIMER: Because of Corona Virus and until the travel industry has been completely opened back up confirm that your travel destination will honor you requests.

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