Best Portable Wifi Devices – What You Should Know

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Research has shown that technology changes every 6 months so with that in mind, it’s a good idea that we stay prepared for the next wave of the unknown or the next disruption. I’ve been introduced to the way of the future in internet surfing and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. Before we get into it however, we’ll do a study on the subject which will lead up to what the best portable Wi-Fi devices are and what you should know before you buy one in the future.

What Exactly Is Portable WiFiPortable WiFi Device

Portable Wi-Fi is the new traditional modem like the one we use in our homes and offices but it does not have a power supply connection. It runs strictly by batteries and is 100% wireless. It is my belief that this is the way the world is headed, the future in internet surfing!
One aspect to consider is to take a look at all the natural disasters and disruptions the world is constantly encountering in this day and age; this has, in the past, hindered the way I personally assessed the internet and working from home became very difficult due to the aforementioned disruptions. I had to change the way I think, and my issue was how to alleviate this problem.
I realized that as the world changes, we’ll have to change also so that we can keep up with new technology. Portable Wi-Fi is one of the changes on the horizon that will be a common place in the near future. Gone with the wires and all the different carrier providers and that is a good thing because the way it is now, you can’t take your Wi-Fi with you when you leave the comforts of your home or office. With this new technology of portable wi-fi, no longer will you have to be concerned with connecting to public or insecure WiFi that is unstable.
This setup is completely wireless and it will completely belong to you. You never have to leave home without your own powerful internet again!  We’re talking 4G and 5G networks that are battery operated but no connection hassles or wires everywhere.

I Have Hot Spot On My Cellular Phone ~ Why Switch

One of the main questions customers are researching when considering purchasing a portable WiFi device is why would I need this device since I have hot spot capability on my cellular phone. That is a very valid question that must be covered, especially since hot spots come with the mobile phones and cellular network service providers.
Hot spots on your cellular phones work but they are hindered by distance and can usually only run one extra device at a time. The connection is not as stable limiting the speed that your data is being transferred. The first data coming through may be at full speed, but once you’re near your limit it may be throttled to a slower speed especially if you’re close to a new billing cycle. It happens a lot, even when we’re not using a hot spot but we’re on our phones; we never even realize that’s what’s going on.
The main feature that I love about this new portable device however, is the stable antennas and transceivers that it’s paired to. The portable connection will have dedicated WiFi and as I mentioned above, it will be just like WiFi but away from home and without mess of cables everywhere and how they become twisted up. It’ll have a SIM card inside and the focus point is that you get an unlocked WiFi device so that you can use any SIM card from any network service provider anywhere in the world. That’s the direction this is headed, how exciting!
In addition, the portable devices out there now are as small as a credit card and can fit right into your purse or pocket. They are super fast, can connect up to 15 different devices (laptop, iPad etc,), and you don’t have to worry about losing speed and accuracy. Talk about just what you need when you need it! It’s a must have for traveling and during storms or whatever your reason may be.

Who Will Benefit The MostPeople with Phones

The simple answer is “everyone” can benefit from having their own dedicated portable WiFi connection. Those that are traveling will no longer have to search out and connect to insecure public WiFi.  This will  transcend distance which is especially great if you move around a lot or you’re international traveler. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg in roaming charges and the frequency won’t be a problem either in other countries.
Portable WiFi is available in over 35 countries at this present time, just imagine what it’ll be like when we’re free to travel again without hindrances. This WiFi has a fast 4G and 5G connection and gives you full access to the internet depending on the brand you select. One of the best features again, is that it runs solely on batteries.

Where Can I Make A Purchase

Within this website you’re going to find several companies that I’ve conveniently linked for you. Some of you will want to run your entire companies using portable wifi because you run a mobile operation. RV travelers that stay on the road will benefit greatly from this setup, along with many others. The companies that will be represented will be legitimate and authentic and will offer you the best deals available. The representatives will be a phone call away with the best customer service you can imagine. Just give them a call, explain your situation and what you desire to accomplish and you won’t be disappointed. Come back soon as we’re making daily updates.

In Conclusion

This is a lot of information and I thank you for sticking with it until the end. Portable WiFi is the wave of the future and in my opinion it just makes sense. Think about it, how cool would be to have your own dedicated WiFi? It’s safe, fast and reliable! You won’t have to worry about connecting to insecure networks any longer and when the power goes down, you’ll be running on batteries.  Just be sure to keep a set handy to help avoid down time. SIM cards come installed and they’re carrier friendly but must be broken, piece of cake. There is a data plan that will be discussed later but this will still be worth the purchase.
For us that are international travelers, this is a must!  With 35 or more countries already up and operating it’ll be hassle free. No more waiting in WiFi cafe’s or putting your work off because you can’t surf freely like you need to. This is an exciting time that we’re heading into and with the upcoming technology changes making the switch should be a no-brainer.

10 thoughts on “Best Portable Wifi Devices – What You Should Know”

  1. Denise, I’m so excited after reading your post about Best Portable WiFi Devices. Technology really does seem toadvance at the speed of light!! I particularly loved the info about being able to travel internationally without problems with one of these new devices. We have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA so will benefit greatly from having a portable wifi device. Thank you for sharing this info with us.

    1. Hi Jenni, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I’m so happy that you’re an international traveler and that you can see the potential benefit from the information on this webpage.  Please keep us in mind as we’re updating regularly. Happy traveling real soon I hope. Thanks again!


  2. I agree that Portable WiFi is the wave of the future, as the way of life and needs of people lead the development in this direction, that with its offer it constantly adapts to new guidelines and circumstances. Given that we are spending more and more time on the internet, both for private and business reasons, this Portable WiFi really has its place among the devices that will become a key accessory to carry around.
    Thanks for this interesting article about portable Wifi devices and all the information you have shared with us and it is really great to know them.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hi Nina, you are so right! This is one of the new directions of the world. Technology never stands still and neither can we. I am pleased that you found the information presented helpful and thanks for commenting.


  3. I found this a really interesting read and very helpful, I’ve done a bit of traveling and have encountered many issues with wifi many times. 

    I’m pleased to know that things have progressed somewhat and appear much more reliable, I hadn’t a clue what was available out there till I read this so thanks.

    Mitch X:-).

    1. Hi Mitch and thanks for visiting my website! I am so pleased that you find the information presented helpful. This is sure to be a great addition to your future travel; that is when it opens back up. Hope to see you around and do check back often.


  4. Hi Denise, Thanks for the information. My husband drives long distances for his work, he does not have WiFi available wherever he goes. Does this now give him the opportunity to access the internet, even in remote locations in North America?

    How popular are they becoming, as to will soon all of us be able to have use of portable WiFi? I expect there will be user fees according to how much data you use. Are you aware of what WiFi plans would cost?

    1. Hello Carolyn, those are wonderful questions. Portable wifi does exactly that, he can have access to the internet in remote locations. It will depend on the carrier that you purchase from, and they will ensure that the zone he travels to is covered and then determine the cost.  There are lots of companies coming on line now and quite a few have been around for years. 

      I have seen prices as low as $3.95 a day plus the cost of renting the device. Then there is the option to purchase your own device. Most of the companies will not tie you down to a contract, but always ask questions and read the fine print. 

      Also please take a look here to get an idea of how the pricing can work, but nothing is concrete of course until you make the final decision.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting! 


  5. I was already wandering why I would need a wifi when I have an Hotspot on my phone. But your points are very true, network on my phone Hotspot is not too reliable expecially when I am approaching the end of a billing circle. But when it comes to the number of connections, my phone can pick up to eight devices. Like you said it is affected by distance, which has been a challenge. I think going for a portable wifi device will be a good option for me

    1. Hello Parameter, I’m so happy that you can see a future need for this device! Your phone is impressive with up to 8 devices too, but the portable option opens us up to more liberty while moving around.  Thanks for the comment and see you around.


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